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Pool Safety Nets

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Buy the Highest Quality Swimming Pool Safety Nets at Lower Prices!
Pool Guard provides quality pool safety nets. Each safety net has been independently tested to meet most state pool barrier codes and has been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM).

All Pool Guard Swimming Pool Safety Nets are:

The pool net installation is guaranteed by our Pool Guard certified technicians, who have gone through an intensive program set to meet our strict standards.

Pool Guard utilizes a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with efficient, computer-aided designing methods to build quality products while keeping the pool safety nets cost low for your convenience. With a manufacturing process that minimizes waste, Pool Guard is a "green conscious" company.

Giving You Options for Pool Safety and Protection through Custom-Made, High-Quality Pool Safety Nets

Who doesn't enjoy a good pool party? Lounging by the pool in the shade on a hot day, who wouldn't? There are vast arrays of activities for your pool but as with all facets of life, distractions can arise, making your pool a ticking time-bomb. Pool Guard is committed to providing its customers with a way to alleviate these dangers through the installation of one of its variety of pool safety fences, pool safety nets and pool safety covers.

With customer satisfaction being our prime concern, we offer a variety of pool safety products that are made of good materials, capable of enduring the harshest of conditions that your pool can face. Stylish colors are also available for all of our pool products to guarantee your pool safety equipment doesn't take away from the aesthetics and beauty of your pool.

Technology is your pool's new best friend. Through modern advances in pool technology, Pool Guard is able to provide you and your pool with the strongest materials available for pool safety. Polyethylene with UV inhibitors, to ensure the swimming pool safety net doesn't weaken with sun or rain exposure. Holding the pool net in place is a series of sailing pulleys, tested for saltwater endurance, along with marine grade finishing line to ensure your pool net is secured firmly over your pool while also being able to endure the strain and tug that the outdoor elements are sure to give it.

Pool Net Installation
During the installation process, our expert workers follow an explicit procedure utilizing all of the necessary tools, so that the system is set up in accordance to the standards set during the independent engineering tests, ensuring your pool safety product is up to code and exceeds national and international pool safety standards. Our hard work ethic and excellent services have earned us a favorable reputation across the globe. LA Pool Guard can help with a pool safety equipment (big or small).

Easily Installed Pool Net Covers
Who says the best pool nets and covers have to be difficult to install and maintain? Pool Guard has designed swimming pool safety nets and covers that remove and re-install easily over the pool by utilizing a series of pulleys and ratchets. Not using the pool net? Pool Guard provides a net roller, enabling easy removal and storage for your pool net, which can be stored safely for future use.