Swimming Pool Water Conservation Tips

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Friday, September 4th, 2015

We have been in a long standing drought here in California, and we need to do our part in trying to conserve water. Proper maintenance and protection for your pool plays a major role in water conservation. ┬áHere are a few tips on how to maximize your pool’s water:

  • Get a pool safety cover.
    • Pool safety covers drastically help reduce water evaporation, meaning you don’t have fill up your pool as often.
  • Don’t fill your pool up too high.
    • You will loose a lot of water from splashing if your pool is filled up too high.
  • Lower the heat.
    • If you heat your pool in the winter, lower the temperature to help reduce water evaporation.
  • Use plants.
    • Plant shrubs as a wind barrier around the pool. ┬áThis will help reduce water loss from wind.

Here are a few links to more information about the benefits of pool safety covers




Happy Swimming!

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