Removable Mesh Safety Barrier – ASTM standards?

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Sunday, May 1st, 2016

As you begin the process of finding the perfect pool safety product you will see the term ASTM F certified, and might wonder what it means.  ASTM stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials, an international standards organization that publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a variety of materials, products, systems and services.r

The standard that is relevant to the pool safety industry is ASTM F 2286-05, the removable mesh safety barrier.  This sets the standard for the approved mesh used in removable pool barriers, such as pool fences.

Our products at Pool Guard of LA are ASTM F certified and meet or exceed all safety regulations.  It is important that we offer our customers the safest products in the industry.

So, when your shopping for pool safety products please make sure that the company and products your choose are ASTM certified!

Happy Swimming!