Los Angeles Pools – How many pools are there?

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

If you’ve ever flown into LAX you may have noticed the bright blue pools that seem to be in everyone’s backyard.  Intrigued by the vast number of pools they saw from the sky, a UCLA graduate and a German graphic designer set out to discover the exact number of sparkling pools that LA has.  They decided to count the number of pools in Los Angeles and publish their results in “The Big Atlas of LA Pools.” The duo studied arial photos of the Los Angeles basin and meticulously counted all of the backyard pools.  Their final count was 43,231 pools.  Not only does their report detail the number of pools, but it is also broken down by city, with Long Beach at … Continue reading Los Angeles Pools – How many pools are there?

Pet Water Safety

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Friday, September 9th, 2016

Many people don’t worry about their four-legged friend around the pool, but they definitely should.  Pet water safety is an essential consideration.  There are no clear statistics on pet drownings, but it is well believed that it far exceeds the 4,000 child drownings per year.  At Pool Guard of LA we are determined to help you protect your pets from this tragedy.  Here are a few ways to prevent pet drownings and promote water safety: Don’t assume your dog can swim or even is water safe!  Many dogs are not swimming breeds, and even those who are, can tire quickly and have trouble finding their way out of the pool. Watch your dog closely in and around the pool.  Make sure … Continue reading Pet Water Safety

The 3 Common Causes of Drowning

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Monday, July 25th, 2016

With over 3,500 drownings a year in the United States, which equates to approximately 10 per day, it is important that we understand the most common causes of drowning. 1-They don’t know how to swim.  Even if you and your child do not spend time around water it is still important for them to learn how to swim.  Formal swimming lessons will teach them lifesaving skills, like the ability to keep their head above water and swim to the exit. 2-No Pool Fencing.  This is one of the easiest ways to help reduce the risk of drowning.  A proper 4 sided pool fence creates a barrier between the children and the pool.  This drastically reduces the risk of drowning. 3-Lack … Continue reading The 3 Common Causes of Drowning

Dry Drowning

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Everything you need to know about Dry Drowning: What is it? -Dry drowning happens when a child inhales a small amount of water causing spasms that close the throat restricting the airway.  This typically happens right when the child is pulled from the water. -Secondary drowning is another type of dry drowning and symptoms can take up to 24 hours to show.  This type of drowning happens when water gets into the lungs and causes swelling. Signs of dry drowning: Look for rapid shallow breathing, prolonged coughing, lethargy, changes in behavior.  These are all signs of dry drowning. It is important to seek medical attention for any child that is pulled from the water.  If symptoms are severe head straight … Continue reading Dry Drowning

Saltwater Pool Facts

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Monday, June 13th, 2016

If you are in the process of buying a home with a saltwater pool or thinking about building a new saltwater pool you might have some questions about the differences between chlorine and saltwater.  We’ve compiled a few facts to help explain the differences! -The main difference between a standard chlorine pool and a saltwater pool is one piece of pool equipment called a salt chlorine generator or sometimes called an electronic chlorine generator. -This piece of equipment produces it’s own pool chlorine from a small amount of pool salt. -Saltwater pools have still have chlorine! -This chlorine is less harsh on the skin and eyes and has no chlorine odor. -A saltwater pool has 1/10th the level of salt in … Continue reading Saltwater Pool Facts

Removable Mesh Safety Barrier – ASTM standards?

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Sunday, May 1st, 2016

As you begin the process of finding the perfect pool safety product you will see the term ASTM F certified, and might wonder what it means.  ASTM stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials, an international standards organization that publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a variety of materials, products, systems and services.r The standard that is relevant to the pool safety industry is ASTM F 2286-05, the removable mesh safety barrier.  This sets the standard for the approved mesh used in removable pool barriers, such as pool fences. Our products at Pool Guard of LA are ASTM F certified and meet or exceed all safety regulations.  It is important that we offer our customers the safest products … Continue reading Removable Mesh Safety Barrier – ASTM standards?

American Red Cross – Circle of Drowning Prevention

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

The American Red Cross has created the Circle of Drowning Prevention.  These 5 layers of protection can help prevent drowning accidents. Provide close and constant attention to children you are supervising in or near water. Fence pools and spas with adequate barriers, including four-sided fencing. Learn swimming and water-safety survival skills. Children, inexperienced swimmers, and boaters should wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets. Always swim in a lifeguarded area. Remember that swimming safety is always important. Happy Swimming!

Buying a Home With a Pool – What You Need to Consider

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Monday, March 14th, 2016

It’s the California dream…jumping into your very own sparkling pool right outside your back door!  But, there are a few variables to consider when purchasing a home with a pool. Let’s talk about the pros and cons: The Pros- You have a pool in your backyard!  That’s a pretty big pro. It’s beautiful to look at, keeps your kids entertained (not to mention home with you) and cools you down on those 100 degree days. Not just your kids will want to be home, but their friends will be there too!  This is a great way to get to know the people your children spend their time with.  And, not just your kid’s friends will be over, but yours too! … Continue reading Buying a Home With a Pool – What You Need to Consider

Recent Los Angeles Area Installation Jobs

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Here are a few of our recent pool fence and safety cover installation jobs in the Los Angeles area.  We are so proud to help protect your family with our pool safety products.  Swimming pool fences, in-ground pool covers, pool safety nets, and pool fence installation…we do it all!  

Heating Your Pool with Solar

Posted by: Pool Guard of LA
Monday, February 22nd, 2016

One of the drawbacks of having a swimming pool is the cost to heat it.  While a quality pool cover helps, many families are discouraged from heating their pool during cooler months due to high energy costs, leaving them without a pool for several months out of the year.  This is where solar saves the day!  The solar industry has allowed families to once again use their pools year round without the fear of wasting energy and high heating costs. Here is a diagram of how pool solar heating works-   The cost to purchase and install a solar heating system is competitive with gas and heat pump pool heaters, but the annual operating costs are drastically lower.  Harness the … Continue reading Heating Your Pool with Solar